Neon Flamingo Partners with CU to Revamp DEI Training Website for Success

Lance Rohde

The DEI industry is playing a crucial role in assisting companies to establish more inclusive and equitable workplaces. Consciously Unbiased is one such company that specializes in providing DEI training. Discover how we collaborated with them to develop a visually stunning website and a comprehensive content ecosystem for their clients.

Consciously Unbiased Web Design & Development case study

According to a Pew Research Center survey, a majority of U.S. 56% of workers say focusing on DEI at work is a good thing.  The global market for DEI was estimated at $7.5 billion in 2020 and is projected to more than double to $15 billion by 2026.
In the dynamic world of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), having a strong web presence and publishing SEO-optimized educational content is an absolute must. Content plays a pivotal role in this industry, serving as a beacon of knowledge and enlightenment for companies seeking to understand the profound significance of DEI initiatives.


Neon Flamingo Creative worked closely with Consciously Unbiased to come up with the best design ideas for their new website. The ideation stage involved brainstorming sessions to determine the best approach for the new website. From there, the team built a wireframe prototype in Google Slides that the Consciously Unbiased team was able to collaborate with. From there, we were able to create custom mockups in Adobe XD so the Flamingo team and CU could collaborate effectively.


The old Consciously Unbiased website presented several challenges. It was outdated and hard to use, making it difficult for people to find what they were looking for. This caused problems as it made it hard for the company to attract new clients and grow their business. The website also failed to show Consciously Unbiased’s unique value compared to their competitors.

Additionally, the old website was not set up to allow Consciously Unbiased to share all their services, including DEI training, online courses, workshops, events, and consulting services.

  • Outdated and hard to navigate website
  • Website didn’t show what makes Consciously Unbiased unique
  • Website didn’t offer all services
  • Website was not optimized for on page SEO or getting any traffic


 Neon Flamingo Creative designed and developed a custom website for Consciously Unbiased that met their unique needs. The new website was designed to optimize the user experience, with clear calls-to-action, search engine optimization (SEO), and a custom learning management system (LMS) to market their online courses and trainings as part of their DEI certificate program.

Learning Management System set for WordPress using LearnDash platform to help businesses become more diverse and equitable.

Neon Flamingo Creative also developed custom icons and illustrations to enhance the company’s branding elements and make the website more visually appealing.

Results & Upgrades

The new website has delivered impressive results for Consciously Unbiased. Since the launch of the new website, the company has seen a 50% increase in unique visitors, resulting in new client acquisitions and increased retention of existing clients. The new website has also resulted in a 25% increase in online inquiries and a 20% increase in event registrations.

The custom LMS solution has allowed Consciously Unbiased to market their online courses and trainings with ease, creating a new source of revenue for the company. Neon Flamingo Creative also conducted an SEO audit, optimized their on-page SEO signals, and created original, keyword-focused content briefs for their writing team to execute. Now Consciously Unbiased is ranking for more competitive terms and we continue to work on creating content that helps them look like the authority and their space, and their podcast, Breaking the Bias, is recognized in the top 20% of most followed podcasts on Spotify! 

DEI Training and DEI consulting web design for a DEI Training client in the diversity, equity, and inclusion industry.

Neon Flamingo Creative continues to manage the website by providing monthly SEO, hosting, maintenance, security, database backups, and plugin updates, which has helped to increase Consciously Unbiased’s online visibility, attract new clients, and achieve their goal of creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Do you need similar results for your business? Give us a call at (702) 508-8444 to speak with us directly or contact us via form and let’s talk about your business website goals and see how we can work with each other.

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