Kivoria Web Design and Build

Kivoria Skin Care

Kivoria is a natural skin care brand that was founded by Gary Houck and Alfred Scott, two dermatologists and friends who had come up with their own unique formula for combating acne. They wanted to take their startup idea to reality and after success on Amazon, they needed a website that could help their legitimacy online by making them stand out. Here are a few ways Neon Flamingo helped Kivoria:

  • Conceptualized a style sheet for Kivoria's branding design.
  • Designed a unique WordPress website that would help people learn more about the magic of their products and help aid the user through the buyers journey.
  • Build out landing pages for Kivoria to run Google Ads to serve micro targeted content.
Project Details

Wireframe, Concept, Web Design





Kivoria Acne Wash

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