Renta Dress and Tux

Renta Dress and Tux is a family-operated Tux and Gown rental business, serving the Las Vegas community for more than 30 years.  They needed a beautiful website to match the beautiful storefront and they needed a way to receive payment for each booking they get. Renta Dress and Tux got more than just a pretty website. They are now getting an increase in bookings due to the trust that the redesign brought to the table. Now Renta Dress & Tux have a design team they can trust for the long term. Neon Flamingo helped Dianne and Cynthia at Renta Dress and Tux:

  • Reimagine how their current website could be better structured to make it easier for customers to find products and navigate their way to the booking form easily. Brainstorm on how the marketing and messaging could be laid out to be more effective for the customer journey.
  • Build a beautiful website so that customers can have the confidence that they are the best decision to go with.
  • Create a payment gateway so customers can pay from the form without the extra "add to cart feature".
  • Set up hosting and email on our fast and extra secure Dreamhost server to assure zero downtime on both, the website and email, so they never miss a sale.
  • Run an on-page SEO and accessibility audit and did the necessary work to assure the website would grow traffic organically and has barrier-free access to all.


Project Details

Web Design, Web Development, Hosting, Email Setup, Lead Generation, Custom Form and SMTP integration







"After having multiple issues with my existing website, I finally decided it was time to fix all the errors and update the whole site. I reached out to Neon Flamingo Creative. Lance and Candyce have done an amazing job getting us back on track, redesigning the website and making it much more user-friendly. As a result, we have had many more customers booking appointments successfully through the website. I highly recommend Lance and Candyce for their thorough attention to detail and excellent communication."

- Dianne Schiller - Owner of Renta Dress & Tux

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