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Renta Dress & Tux Web Design


Neon Flamingo Creative teamed up with Renta Dress & Tux to envision a site that would not just look good but perform exceptionally well in converting visitors to appointment bookings. We used conceptual designs and user personas to outline a website that would match their unique brand.


The former Renta Dress & Tux site wasn't pulling in enough appointment bookings and failed to represent the boutique's luxury services and unique offerings adequately.


We revamped the site with a luxurious design and strategic booking CTAs aimed at converting website visitors into paying appointments. A focus was put on showcasing the high-quality offerings Renta Dress & Tux provides.

Results Upgrades

Post-launch, the new website had an immediate impact: a significant uptick in appointment bookings, each worth $100. While SEO results are still in progress, the client has seen a direct, tangible ROI thanks to the redesign, substantiating the value of their investment in a new website.

Key Features:




After having multiple issues with my existing website, I finally decided it was time to fix all the errors and update the whole site. I reached out to Neon Flamingo Creative. Lance and Candyce have done an amazing job getting us back on track, redesigning the website and making it much more user-friendly. As a result, we have had many more customers booking appointments successfully through the website. I highly recommend Lance and Candyce for their thorough attention to detail and excellent communication.

- Dianne S.
Renta Dress & Tux

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