Our Web Design Process

Your website is frequently the initial point of contact for potential customers and clients. Its primary objective is to grab their attention, build trust, and direct them to relevant information quickly and ultimately, convert prospects into paying customers and generate sales.

1. Exploration

First things first, we need to find out the outline of your project, your ambitions, and the outcomes that would make you view it as a success. Early discussions provide an opportunity for us to outline how we work, and our vision and ensure that we’re a good fit for each other. We’ll help establish the best routes forward and outline some key routes or options.

The discovery phase helps us understand your business, competition, opportunities, and challenges. This knowledge feeds into all future decisions and enables us to give you the very best website.

  • Understand your project's goals and expectations.
  • Analyze your business, competitors, and opportunities.
  • Establish the best approach for your project.

2. Wireframing, UX & Content

We collect all info from the exploration phase and design your homepage mockup. And if you love it, we'll continue to work with each other and enter our planning and framework phase. It’s at this point we create a site map, the outline of routes users will navigate through your site, and note any technical requirements or hurdles.

We’ll discuss any requirements for storyboarding, content, photography, video, icons, element collages, and illustrations, and agree on timescales for delivery. We'll also identify the relevant keywords that you want your website to rank for and then prepare a plan to structure and tag your website in a way that's optimized for those keywords.

  • Create a homepage mockup for your review.
  • Develop a site map and navigation structure.
  • Plan content, SEO, and user experience design.

3. Design & Development

Following planning, we proceed to design the inner pages and templates based on the agreed homepage design. Our collaborative process keeps you engaged, with constant sharing of concepts and sketches. Whether you have a few pages or a complex content structure, every element is meticulously perfected.

Once core mockups are approved, development begins. Our developers bring the design to life on our development servers, allowing for thorough testing to ensure your site performs flawlessly.

  • Content population
  • On-page SEO
  • No pre-made templates
  • Added functionality
  • Plugin integrations

5. Testing 

We run varying tests throughout the process, including a full code review after initial development as well as cross-browser and load time testing prior to going live. We ensure all our designs work across modern browsers and platforms to give end users a consistent and rewarding experience. All 3rd party tools and integrations will run flawlessly and we double check that all conversion paths are set.

  • Conduct thorough testing, including code reviews and load time checks.
  • Ensure cross-browser compatibility and smooth user experiences.
  • Verify the functionality of all elements and conversion paths.

6. Launch

The time has come to launch. We break this down into 2 phases: launch & post launch. You need to check off the final items on your list, make sure the site is running in its production environment, and launch. Then, you need to make sure you resolve the issues that crop up after the site goes live.

  • Launch the website on your production server.
  • Address any post-launch issues promptly.
  • Ensure consistency in linking, layout, and loading times.