Our Web Design Process

Our structured process from start to finish

1. Exploration

First things first, we need to find out the outline of your project, your ambitions, and the outcomes that would make you view it as a success. Early discussions provide an opportunity for us to outline how we work, and our vision and ensure that we’re a good fit for each other. We’ll help establish the best routes forward and outline some key routes or options.

The discovery phase helps us understand your business, competition, opportunities, and challenges. This knowledge feeds into all future decisions and enables us to give you the very best recommendations.

2. Framework & Content 

We collect all info from the exploration phase and enter our planning and framework phase. It’s at this point we create a site map, the outline of routes users will navigate through your site, and note any technical requirements or hurdles. We’ll discuss any requirements for storyboarding, content, photography, video, and illustrations, and agree on timescales for delivery. 

3. Design

After the planning and framework are complete, we dial in the homepage design for your approval. We design high-fidelity mockups using Adobe XD and use Adobe Photoshop and illustrator to design our icons, elements, and illustrations. We keep you involved in the process, sharing concepts and sketches along the way. Once we are done with the design of the homepage, it’s time to get busy designing the core inner page templates. Once the core pages and templates are designed and signed off, it’s time for development. 

4. Development

With the design signed off, it’s time to see things in action as our developers begin to breathe life into the design, building a site that’s viewable in your browser on one of our development servers (away from the public). This gives people involved in the project a chance to try out the mechanics of the website and ensure it will achieve the objectives and perform as imagined.

5. Testing 

We run varying tests throughout the process, including a full code review after initial development as well as cross-browser and load time testing prior to going live. We ensure all our designs work across modern browsers and platforms to give end users a consistent and rewarding experience. We can support older browsers for specific audiences, but it must be outlined at the outset.

6. Launch

The time has come to launch. You need to check off the final items on your list, make sure the site is running in its production environment, and launch. Then, you need to make sure you resolve the issues that crop up after the site goes live.