Top 20 Biotech Websites for Design Inspiration & Trends

Lance Rohde

Looking for great Biotech Websites? We’ve got you covered. We searched the web to find the best ones out there. These aren’t just about looks; they’re full of new trends, cool science stuff, and user-friendly designs. Many of these sites incorporate essential web design concepts I dive into here. So let’s not waste any time and get right to these 20 awesome Biotech Websites. They’re packed with ideas to inspire you and shake up the way you think about biotech web design.

1. Certara

At first glance, the vibrant branding really pops and the clean white background really helps it stand out. Certara leans in with heavy value propositions, stats and trust badges above the fold. Below the fold and the rest of the site reveals more USPs, great layouts, clean branded icons and ease of navigation.

biotech website #1

2. Sherlock Biosciences

Everything from the typography, color choices, and brilliant animation on the right, a top choice for Biotech Websites. When you scroll down you are hit with more animations that add to the functionality of the site, along with strong messaging and beautiful layouts on both, desktop and mobile devices.

biotech website #2

3. Enveda Bio

Simple messaging wins. Especially when it’s backed up by a great imagery and video. The hero CTA along with the spinning earth in the background really focuses the eyes on the site. Then you land on a video of them working in the lab and some stats and value propositions that add trust. Overall, this site is very interactive and user experience driven.

biotech website #3

4. Genmab

The message that caught my eye was “People living with cancer deserve new answers. That’s why we’re different.” This is why I love hero images that aren’t full screen because that gives the option to show more content above the fold. Then when you scroll you will see clean white space and even gutters, which is a common technique to make sure all the content stays within the same grid on the sides. The whole site is really good design and functionality wise.

biotech website #4

5. Blue River Technology

This site is very unique! Instead of scrolling downward, it scrolls left. The layouts are crisp and there is strong messaging and value propositions throughout. It’s a very unconventional scrolling pattern but in this case, it works.

biotech website #5

6. Imagen

Very clean website. It doesn’t have the biggest features but it has a great design aesthetic that works. Clean navigation, crisp messaging and CTA to learn more, and trust driving stats that showcase their value. They publish articles and industry studies, displaying their authority in their industry.

biotech website #6

7. Ginko Bio Works

This is definetly one of my favorite Biotech Websites in the bunch. The video is captivating, the text is clean, the navigation isn’t cluttered. I absolutely love the hover effects and the smoothness of the scroll. From projects, industries they service and the rest of the website, it’s a sold 10/10 for me as far as marketing and design aesthetic is concerned.

biotech website #7

8. Strateos

Strong brand identity and smart use of slider. Usually I don’t like using sliders but in this case, this is a pass for me. What stands out is the smart use of animations that are simple and really add to the dynamic and interactivity. The mobile and tablet versions are fast, clean and have the right touch of animation effects.

biotech website #8

9. Intellia

Strong design layout, messaging, and storytelling. Great use of visual content such as imagery, videos, and use of branded shapes within the design.

biotech website #9

10. Biovectra

Clean and simple but highly functionable and user friendly. Lot’s of imagery of the crew hard at work and a lot of informational pages for people to learn about their services. They go right into their value proposition, letting their target marketing know what they do and who they do it for. Simple but effective.

biotech website #10

11. Neogenomics

Next up is Neogenomics. When you land on the homepage, you are taken back from the awesome hero image that shows a simple meaningful statement with a very creative background. The site is loaded with informational pages on testing and specialty services.

biotech website #11

12. Kallyope

Very simple and effective. When you land on the website homepage you notice the rich branding and smooth blue gradient. The CSS animation adds depth and breath of industry knowlegde. Strong messaging, storytelling, custom illustrations and proper spacing on desktop and mobile make this a solid choice for me.

biotech website #12

13. Incyte

After looking at the sitemap, it is a very simple site architecture. But the header wins in my opinion because it is marketing genius. Along with brilliant messaging and core offerings. Hats of to the simplicity of the branding because it works. Solve on..

biotech website #13

14. Inventia

If you can make white space work for your brand, by all means, go for it. Just look how Inventia did it. Nothing complex but does a great job with branding and user experience. Usually white can make bright colored brands really pop. When you have a bright saturated logo, you want to take advantage of that white space and use more of it so you don’t inundate your users to too much brightness.

biotech website #14

15. Single Cell Technology

Very smart use of space effectively. When you click on “our sciences” the illustrations are really rad. There are lots of separate information pages that help break up content into digestable pieces. The design is mobile responsive and gives the same vibe on both mobile and desktop.

biotech website #15

16. Vertex

What I really love about this site is the navigation. Check out how detailed the nav bar menus are. The architecture, layouts, messaging and hero video is way cool but how about that navigation?? Definitely a top inspiration for Biotech Websites.

biotech website #16

17. Aanika Bio

Very clean loading animation that uniquely loads the site. Very smooth scroll, beautiful layout and imagery. When you scroll the homepage, there are some cool interactive designs happening. Very UX inspired. The slight movement of the site adds depth and professionalism.

biotech website #17

18. Bionic Sport

This site is really great. it is built on the Django Framework and has a unique appeal. Perfect for anyone looking for unique design inspiration. The imagery and animations are next level! 10/10 for me.

biotech website #18

19. Syngenta

Syngenta is a global, science-based agtech company with locations based all around the world. ‎I think the navigation is smooth and the user experience is flawless. Check out the massive menu which does’t over clunkify the site, even on mobile. And when you scroll down you’ll see some pretty unique CTAs!.

biotech website #19

20. Radix

“Could your lab do more for you?” Radix comes in hot with the value propositions and though I don’t usually recommend this cartoon/illustration style for all businesses ,this is a rare case. It’s brilliant! When you scroll through the homepage you are hit with a lot of copy but it is delivered with nice typography, a blend of coherent font sizes, bullets and really great illustration. And yep, it looks great on iOs and Android mobile device.

biotech website #20

Over To You

And there you have it – our roundup of the top 20 Biotech Websites. We hope these examples have given you plenty of creative fuel to kick-start or enhance your own biotech site. Remember, good design blends beauty with functionality, and each of these sites is a testament to that philosophy. Whether you’re building from scratch or just looking to freshen up an existing site, let these innovative designs guide your way. Keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in biotech web design.

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